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Where all have I ridden my scooter???

I was sitting at my desk at lunch one day and started thinking about where all I had ridden.  I came to a quick conclusion that it was somewhat odd that out of the bikes I had since I was 8 or so I had only ridden in 5 states.  I thought about it some more and figured I should branch out some.  So now I had to make my rides in some sort of a logical, goal orientated manner.  My first thought was riding through all the counties in Mississippi (which wouldn't increase the number of states, but it would increase the amount of coverage in the states I had ridden in).  That should not be a too unobtainable goal, since I think most all the state is within a 4 hour trip from where I live.  I had only had the R bike for a few months at the time so it wasn't that hard to list the ones already covered by it.  From there is was a hop, skip, and a jump to making the interactive graphic below that shows all the states ridden in and when clicked on will show you the counties in each state.  Of course this graphic is always in a state of change.

counties.jpg (221601 bytes)

Notable Places I Have Ridden

States  - Twenty-six of them (plus the District of Columbia).  That is over half of the states in the nation, that is moving on up.  Numbers in parentheses after the states denotes the percentage of the total counties (or parishes) that I have ridden the R1100R in that state.  Click on a state below to see what counties have been ridden in.  You can see if I have passed through the county you are from. (Isn't that just the height of egotism?  Like anyone would care if I have ridden through their county or not.  But if I have not ridden in your county and you think I really need to, for 42 cents a mile starting in Vicksburg, MS (as determined by MS Streets and Trips), plus per diem, and motel rooms, if needed, it can be arranged.)

Here are the states and percentage of its counties I have been through: Alabama (57%), Arizona (47%), Arkansas (52%), California (7%), Colorado (3%), Florida (22%), Georgia (13%),  Illinois (6%), Indiana (4%), Kansas (1%), Kentucky (6%), Louisiana (100%), Maryland (13%), Mississippi (100%), Missouri (19%), New Mexico (33%), Nevada (6%), North Carolina (14%),  Oklahoma (17%), Pennsylvania (1%), South Carolina (11%), Tennessee (25%), Texas (15%), Utah (3%) Virginia (29%), West Virginia (4%).

Ride Updates for 2006

Here is a list of for 2006.  Most recent rides at the top.

March 11, 2006 - On March 11th I got out and rode.  It might be the first time all year I had gotten further away from the house than Jackson. My plan was to finish up the counties up in the northeastern part of the state to complete the 82N1YR Challenge.  So I got up early and rode.  I went up to Macon, then straight up US45 to Corinth, back down to Oxford and Calhoun City to home.  Since it is March, I was wearing Gortex winter gear.  Before too long I had the liner out of the jacket, then I opened all the vents up and eventually finished up the ride with the jacket and pants legs half unzipped. This doesn't bode well for summer if it is already that hot.  I rode about 670 miles.  It was really nice to be out.

2005 The Motorcycling Year that Was  

The title worked last year, might as well use it again.  So since getting the R-Bike in November of 2003 with some 29,100 miles and around the end of 2005 it had some 57,400 I must have put some 28,300 miles on the rig (basically doubling the 29,xxx miles that were on it when I got it, so it took me a little over two years to put as many miles on it as previous owners had put on it in 6 years).  In 2005 those miles added up to be around 16,000 miles.  Maybe not really high mileage, but when you consider I saw about 20 new states on bike, 270 new counties, got a IBA CC50 (coast to coast in 50 hours), SS3000 (3,000 miles in less than 3 days), and I finished up the National Park Master Traveler Certification (you have to get a passport book stamped at least 50 National Parks in at least 25 different states in less than a year), I feel like there has been some quality riding in there.  I hope 2006 goes as well. Is it finally time for the elusive Border to Border certification?

Updates (latest dates first):

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