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Welcome to my motorcycle web site!

Hey, I am Terry Baldridge  and this is a website dedicated to my motorcycle related habits.  The past decade plus some I have had a couple of BMW scooters.  First a 1985 K100RT and now a 1997 R1100R.  They are the ultimate *riding* machines.  

I did first my first IBA (IronButt Association) run in Feb 2004 and was hooked on distance riding.  Now I have done that SS1000 (1000 miles in 24 hours) run plus a BB 1500 (1500 miles in 36 hours), a National Parks Master Traveler Certification, a CC50 (Coast to Coast in 50 hours), and a SS3000 (3000 miles in 72 hours).  I seemed to have skipped the SS2000 (2000 miles in 48 hours), I guess I will have to go back and pick that one up sometime.  You can read about these endeavors on the IBA Rides Page.

I have also been keeping track with the counties (or parishes in Louisiana) I have ridden the bike through. So far I have hit all the counties/parishes in Mississippi and Louisiana.  The WHERE page talks about it.

IronButt Association Member #17151                                    Denizens of Doom Member #365

R1150R Board Lifetime Member #380                                           BMW Riders of Mississippi 

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